Jennifer Marshall

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Jennifer Marshall lives in a suburb of Washington, DC and is a married mother of two small kids. She has been living with Type 1 Bipolar Disorder for nearly ten years. In 2011, she began blogging about her journey on her personal blog, What began as an anonymous blog became the catalyst for Jennifer to become a mental health advocate. This Is My Brave Co-Founder Anne Marie Ames lives in the same suburb with her husband and three teenage sons. She has had depression her entire life, but became a mental health advocate when her eldest son was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.  

Together the two launched the non-profit organization, This Is My Brave in 2014. The mission of This Is My Brave is to share true stories of lives affected by mental illness on stage through poetry, personal essay and original music to break down the stigma. To date, Jennifer and Anne Marie have led teams of volunteer producers to create unique This Is My Brave performances in six cities, with plans for new shows this fall in NYC and Los Angeles.